International Needs support for Pastor Christopher Kateera

Christopher Kateera church 3

Since 2014 our church has helped to support Pastor Christopher Kateera, a church planter in Uganda working with International Needs.  He is now 44 years old, married to Robinah and has 4 children. He works in his local area of Mukono District East of the capital Kampala. They live in a 2-roomed house in the suburbs of Mukono town

His wife runs a small retail shop near their home which was robbed several years ago but they are now slowly building it up again. This helps them to get some income for the family, their children’s education and ministry

Chritopher Kateera Keyboard 1

He has established 3 other fellowships which makes a total of 4 churches he is responsible for. They are within a radius of about 6-10 kms. They have an attendance of about 90 men and 130 women as well as 140 to 150 children.

We have reports from Christopher detailing a little more of his church work. This involves such things as door to door evangelism, home cell meetings, mentoring of new Christians towards leadership, children's ministry and pastoral visits. They have also recently started up a nursery and day care. Because of all this work they have seen a total of 94 people give their lives to Christ over recent times. Christopher pastors his home church and has established 3 other fellowships as shown above, and as the work grows wants them to be established in their own right.

Chritopher Kateera motorbike

We have over the past several years been able to supply him with a motorbike some chairs for the congregation as well as musical equipment to replace some stolen from the church some time ago.

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